We have all the machines of the trade to provide a quality sawmill service.

The below video shows the saw mill at work on a piece of burr elm:



Here at the yard we have all of the machines to saw and cut timber to any required size.

sawmill 1 

It cost £50 per hour plus VAT to sawmill at the yard. 

Remote sawmill service

We can provide a remote sawmill service at the following prices:

£500 per day plus VAT.

Minimum of one day full hire, which includes 8 hours sawing with two workers and travel expenses. 

 sawmill remote 199

For more information on any of the abovce, please do not hesitate to get in touch. 



We can cut, snd and size any piece of timber with our full range of machines. 

Getting that smooth finish at the right size is essential and our one to one personal service ensures that you receive what you require.


machining 1

machining 2